Silymarin Silybin

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Type:Herbal Extract
Part:Seed, Seed
Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China
Brand Name:Angelbio
Model Numbe:Angel019
Latin Name:Silybum Marianum(L.)
Appearance:Brown Powder
Active ingredients:Silymarin
CAS No.:65666-07-1


1.Protect liver, improve liver function, promote the secretion of bile and inflammation;

  1. Strong antioxidant, can remove the body of free radicals, delay senescence;
  2. Prevent alcohol, chemical toxin, heavy metal, drugs, food toxins, the environment pollution and so on of the damage to theliver, and promote the regeneration of liver cells and repair;
  3. Directly prevent lipid peroxidation and maintain cell membrane fluidity;
  4. Protect liver from the damage caused by carbon tetrachloride, galactosamine, alcohols and other liver toxins;
  5. Anti-tumor. All kinds of reactive oxygen species can form 8 oxidation guanine a current base guanine; DNA damage, resulting in tumor, application of antioxidants, especially radical scavenging agent can prevent the occurrence of this process;
  6. Anti-Cardiovascular disease;
  7. Protect brain from cerebral ischemia injury.

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