Tang’s monk xuan zang who, according to legend in tang dynasty three years (AD 629), he set off from datang capital changan, through the wringer, passing through the west, with his wisdom and buddhist culture, has won the respect to the states by Yu Datang dynasty nineteen years (AD 645), from India to the mantra, and back to changan.

On the way for Buddhist scriptures, Xuanzang and his disciples passed through the Quzhi State of the Western Regions (today’s Kuqa region of Xinjiang), where they found that the people there were healthy and lived a long life. After careful study, they learned that the fundamental reason for the healthy and long life of the local people was that they often ate a kind of vegetable called earling. Thus, a beautiful legend was born.

As a healthy and immortal vegetable, it was originally grown in the imperial dish garden of the Jade Emperor, called “Tianling”. It is the royal dish specially for the Jade Emperor and the Empress of Heaven, and has the function of health, longevity and longevity. A royal chef saw the difficulties of folk life, life is short, suddenly kind-hearted, secretly gave this vegetable to the mountain people of the state of Qu Zhi, and taught them to grow. After the jade emperor found this matter, the poor imperial chef was sent to prison by the jade emperor, the people of the quanchi country in order to commemorate the imperial chef, this dish is called “earth spirit”.

As master xuan zang to the west, through bend, bend told xuan zang compatriots, so they can longevity and health, because they are often the cause of the vegetable to eat to spirit, spirit to have the function of the prolong life live, so the food back to changan, xuan zang to spirit and tangwangshan emperor taizong asks for leave in January, an ancestral home yanshi (now in henan luoyang yanshi), teach every countrymen, Planting Earthling.

Hearing Xuanzang’s sincerity, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty was very pleased and agreed immediately. Xuanzang soon returned to Yanshi and began to teach the people to plant the earth spirits. After a year of growth, in Xuan Zang’s hometown of Yanshi, a plant with green leaves, purple flowers, white jade-like roots and shiny silver (later the earling was also called “silver stick”) was offered as tribunals to the local court.

Because at that time, every place need to give the palace tribute to the good local specialty, local people will spirit as the best tribute offense to tangwangshan emperor taizong, when emperor taizong eat much yue, and food, the imperial seal for gong palace cuisine from spirit was designated as a special imperial court gong vegetables, and the food is provided by the court of personnel cultivation.

Later, according to the legend of spirit, private people have all kinds of myth and legend, the private parts of a few private, mainly used as food and regulate gastrointestinal disease, keeping in good health, out of respect and miss to xuan zang, the local people called the spirit to the immortal “tang’s monk meat”.

The “flesh of Tang Priest” mentioned in Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Classical Novels, is the elixir of immortality that many demons and ghosts have been longing for. It refers to the earth spirit.

Later, through the research of scientists, the reason why the earth spirit can make people healthy and long life, the fundamental reason is that the earth spirit contains a lot of sagrutose, so today’s “Tang monk flesh” is not only the earth spirit, but also the most effective ingredient extracted from the earth spirit – sagrutose.

Stachyose is the best food for probiotics, and the number and proportion of bifidobacterium in probiotics is an important indicator of intestinal age. After bifidobacterium takes stachyose, it can rapidly reproduce bifidobacterium at a speed of 40-103 times, with an average speed of more than 80 times, and improve the speed of intestinal health recovery.

In fact, stachyose is not only the best food for bifidobacterium, it is also the best food for Lactobacillus and other probiotics, especially for the speed of probiotics proliferation and the improvement of intestinal function. The higher the purity of stachyose, the faster the improvement and the better the effect.

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