Stachyose, a natural prebiotic extracted from the vegetable plantlet, has the chemical formula of C24H42O21 and the structural formula of fructose-glucose-galactose-galactose. The sugar is a functional oligosaccharide, which cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body after ingestion. It can completely enter the colon and be used by the beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Moreover, it has a very high efficiency of proliferating beneficial bacteria, and is known as “super bifidoglycan”.

Usually, there are chronic diarrhoea, which many people experience by eating spoiled food by mistake, catching rotavirus, catching a cold or other mental cause, and acute diarrhoea, which is usually self-limited — that is, a disease that will recover on its own even without human intervention. It’s usually nothing serious.

But with chronic diarrhea, the cause is very complicated. For example, in women, endocrine diseases, infections, intestinal tumors, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are all chronic diarrhea and difficult to cure.

People with diarrhea must pay attention to bacterial flora disorder and electrolyte disorder:

Bacteria disorder, is one of the causes of diarrhea, and people with chronic diarrhea, bacteria are more likely to be in disorder.

Long-term diarrhea, easy to cause the loss of nutrition, absorption difficulties, intestinal flora and electrolyte disorders. Therefore, for intestinal nutrition supplement is very important, the conditioning process is slow, but you insist. Eat light, avoid greasy spicy raw cold and other stimulant diet, this must be known to everyone.

Intestinal nutrition, of course, the first choice of intestinal microecological food, including probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics, which are functional foods.

After special treatment such as embedding technology, probiotics can reach the intestines smoothly after ingestion and colonize in the intestines, helping patients quickly establish a healthy intestinal microecological environment and improve intestinal function.

Stachyose prebiotics, the human body after consumption, due to the special groups, the structure of human body without the corresponding enzymes to be used directly. Stachyose enters the colon and is utilized by beneficial bacteria in the intestine, such as bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. Stachyose plays a role in maintaining the intestinal tract by proliferating beneficial bacteria across a wide spectrum. Studies have proved that stachyose can alleviate a variety of chronic diseases for the host human body by domesticating intestinal flora.

As for the combination of probiotics and stachyose, it can be said that stachyose not only helps the gut to quickly build up the beneficial bacteria, but also nourishes the beneficial bacteria colonizing in the gut and the beneficial bacteria in the gut itself.

In addition to replenishing intestinal nutrition, you need to exercise more, maintain a positive mood, and resist anxiety. Recuperate so, in the course of time, deal with habitual chronic diarrhea, certain meeting harvest!

Electrolyte disorder, the results are also serious!

For acute or chronic diarrhea, electrolyte supplementation is also a very good means. Too much diarrhea can lead to dehydration, such as thirst, irritability, decreased skin elasticity and, in more severe cases, shock and even death. Therefore, diarrhea replenish electrolyte in a timely manner, not only allows the body to replenish water and electrolyte, but also has the effect of antidiarrhoea, helping to reduce the frequency of diarrhea.

Diarrhea patients, therefore, the home can be regular oral rehydration salts and water su micro ecological food, sugar and stachyose micro ecological food, can be long-term daily use, probiotic effect will be better if collocation, relieve diarrhea, not only has no side effects and dependence, and supplement such nutrients to intestines and stomach for a long time, can fundamentally correct intestinal imbalance, appease nerve of intestines and stomach, Enhance gastrointestinal resistance.

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