Many attentive friends will find that stachyose is added to the milk drinks or milk powders they buy, which is very safe for babies to use. There is no need to worry about the poor digestion of the baby after eating, so if it is used as a long-term care for the stomach, can it be taken? Today, let’s share that babies and young children can eat stachyose for a long time?

Can infants and young children eat stachyose for a long time? Of course it is. There is no restriction on people taking stachyose. Babies can consume stachyose for a long time. Stachyose comes from natural plants. For example, many beans, pagoda dishes and snails that can be eaten every day contain stachyose. Bean sprouts and some Chinese medicinal materials also contain stachyose, but the content is not high.

Stachyose can be added to milk powder and many baby foods because of its safety. Just like we have to eat three meals a day, long-term consumption of stachyose is to continuously supply energy to the beneficial bacteria in the body. For infants and young children, the dosage of stachyose needs to be consulted with professional customer service first. It is better to eat regularly and regularly. Welcome to pay attention to Zangling Stachyose to inject new vitality into your quality life.

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